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We are currently hiring

  • Full time experienced CDPs 

  • Full time Front of House

  • Full time (experienced) cocktail bartender


to help expand the team and maintain high levels of quality and service within a small team alongside owners Missy Flynn and Gabriel Pryce who founded Rita's in 2012 in East London. 

Our aim is to dispel the often referenced image of a pastiche, reductive 'Americana', and instead celebrate the meeting place and melting pot of everything that makes the Americas what they are today. A mission ignited by an early obsession with American restaurants, diners and dive bars run by people who care about hospitality, food culture, quality, seasonality, supply chains and the place of food in history. 

We work closely with exceptional, local suppliers, growers and farmers to produce focused, high quality food led by the seasons and our love of comfort and nostalgia paired with a dynamic approach to looking forward, navigating new challenges and exploring new and future ways of cooking and working. We are committed to creating an environment where ideas can flourish, and where you will learn, and develop creatively and professionally.  


Key requirements for our team members :

- A deep interest in food, cooking and the wider restaurant industry.
- Appreciation and interest in wine and good, well made beverages. 
- You must be hard working, confident and creative, but open to learning 
- A team player, punctual, professional and respectful of your colleagues
- Good communication skills
- Previous experience in a busy restaurant is preferred but not always essential 

Salary and working hours information is given on application.

We are an equal opportunties employer and welcome all applicants. 

UK Visa sponsorship opportunities are available for the right people. 

Please send CV's and cover letters to

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